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  1. Jon Atle Sandbakken
  2. Silja Irene Kaldhol
  3. Irja Løset Keskitalo
  4. Uta Eimind
  5. Jan Gomez
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We in DinOrdbok love languages. Together with you we would like to create the largest online Norwegian dictionary online. Every user can participate!

How to contribute

There are various ways to contribute. Besides entering your own translation suggestions you can also verify other users' translations or add suggestions to missing translations of already existing keywords in the dictionary. As a contributer or advanced contributer, you can participate by following one of the steps below.

1. Suggest new translation

Have you heard any colloquial English words or expressions recently? Are there any technical English translations you did not find in the dictionary? Using the fields below you can easily add your knowledge to the English-Norwegian (Bokmål) dictionary. Your suggestion will then appear on the voting list for other users and you will get three points for suggesting a totally new translation if it's added permanently.

Optionally, fill the following information about this keyword:

2. Suggest translation of existing word

The English-Norwegian (Bokmål) dictionary contains 93473 keywords but is only 65% complete. This means that we know the dictionary is missing X words and we can therefore ask you if you know the translation. You get two points for every suggestion if they are added to the dictionary.

Do you know the norwegian translation for english keyword absolutive case?
3. Vote a translation correct or wrong

By clicking on "yes" or "no" you can vote a suggested translation correct or wrong. Some suggestions do not belong in this dictionary because they already exist in the dictionary or because they simply are wrong. Just click on "no" if the translation is incorrect or "yes" if you believe its correct. A suggestion needs ten votes from other users to be taken up permanently in the dictionary unless, admin or a maintainer verify the translation before it get ten points. You can vote for every suggested translation and you get one point for every translation, if what you voted for is correct. The more you vote, the more points you get!

Is the english word "split hairs" a good translation for a norwegian word nitpick?

Why participate?

You can join in the fun on DinOrdbok and help us make the English-Norwegian (Bokmål) dictionary the best and biggest online dictionary in Norway. New ways of interpreting words in English or translating English phrases to Norwegian (Bokmål) develop continually. Also, a English to Norwegian (Bokmål) translation can vary depending on if it is a technical or scientific translation and which field it pertains to. This is why the dictionaries contain multiple translations. We need your help to add the latest English to Norwegian (Bokmål) translations to the English dictionary. User contributions are the best method to include the newest regional and colloquial English expressions in the online dictionary. Suggested new translations to the English-Norwegian (Bokmål) dictionary are not added immediately. A new English translation is marked as unverified, so as to maintain high quality, until 10 other users confirm the translation is correct.

Registered DinOrdbok users are not only a part of the DinOrdbok language community, but also receive points in the ranking by, for example, suggesting new entries to the English-Norwegian (Bokmål) dictionary. If you are unsure about a English word or phrase and how it is translated to Norwegian (Bokmål) you could always post a query in the Forum. In the forum DinOrdbok users help each other by answering questions about English language, difficult translations and new translations of common English phrases.

More responsibility

DinOrdbok is looking for bilingual persons who can become maintainers of Norwegian and one of the other languages we are offering. As a maintainer you will get access to accept suggestion added from users so these can be added to the dictionary even sooner. If you are interested please write to us.

The ranking

Here is the ranking of our most active users. As described in detail above you get 3 points for suggesting completely translations completely new translations, 1 point for verifying translations and 2 points for suggesting translation of existing words in the dictionary. If the proposed translation is rejected by other users the corresponding points will be subtracted again. Simply register with your Facebook account and you're in the game!

Top 10 contributors all time:

#NamePointsYes votes countNo votes countNew suggestions countNormal suggestions count
1.Jon Atle Sandbakken2792515347
2.Silja Irene Kaldhol3800413
3.Irja Løset Keskitalo3400102
4.Uta Eimind120023
5.Jan Gomez120006
6.Jan-Erik Ek50011