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  1. Jon Atle Sandbakken
  2. Silja Irene Kaldhol
  3. Irja Løset Keskitalo
  4. Uta Eimind
  5. Jan Gomez
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About Us

Who we are

DinOrdbok is a language project by Jon Atle Sandbakken. The idea has been in Jon Atle's mind for quite some time now. During his studies he lived abroad and noticed Norwegians need to translate. He noticed that just knowing the exact translation often isn't enough, you really need to "live" the language to find the right word. Jon Atle collected dictionaries of different languages for a loong time, and putting these together has been a natural step. The start of a portal where language lovers can meet and exchange their ideas and learn languages from each other had begun. What's better than a native speaker who want to share his knowledge? Thanks to his desire to learn new languages, and knowledge of website construction, this website alive today!

More into it

DinOrdbok is designed so that everyone can help to develop it. Under each translation you will be asked whether they know the translation of a word missing in the dictionary, and you will be given the ability to make a suggestion for the translation. In addition, you get asked whether they think a translation of a word from one language to another seems correct, and the opportunity to vote this translation correct or wrong. When a translation gets enough positive votes it will most likely be added to the dictionary. This way everyone can contribute to make the best dictionary for translation to and from Norwegian.

The dictionaries

It is currently possible to translate between 24 languages on this website. Since everyone can contribute translations are continuously added to the dictionaries each day. As a free service, this is one of the best dictionaries with translation to and from Norwegian Bokmal and New Norwegian online. Below is an overview and comparison to other dictionaries and payment services. Remember; DinOrdbok is free and can not really be compared to a dictionary you pay for, but we do it anyway so you can see how good it is!

The Comparison

In the table below you can see an overview of the Norwegian dictionaries and how many words they have. All the dictionaries have 71238 keywords, but not every keyword has a translation to the given language. The overview tells us how many translations the dictionary have and how many percent complete the given dictionary is. This is where you come in, we need your help to complete them! You will also see a comparison with other online dictionaries, not all of them are free as DinOrdbok, but we compare with them anyway to get a realistic view of how good our dictionaries are.

1.NorwegianBulgarian7123811972 (17 %)000
2.NorwegianCatalan7123811109 (16 %)000
3.NorwegianChinese7123812692 (18 %)000
4.NorwegianDanish7123815797 (22 %)000
5.NorwegianGreek7123811789 (17 %)000
6.NorwegianEnglish7123868750 (97 %)2339115000065000
7.NorwegianSpanish7123848710 (68 %)2339115000030000
8.NorwegianFinnish7123818502 (26 %)000
9.NorwegianFrench7123818894 (27 %)015000040000
10.NorwegianGerman7123814219 (20 %)015000042000
11.NorwegianIcelandic712387672 (11 %)000
12.NorwegianItalian7123818586 (26 %)00?
13.NorwegianJapanese7123814551 (20 %)000
14.NorwegianLatin712386865 (10 %)000
15.NorwegianDutch7123818803 (26 %)000
16.NorwegianNorwegian (New Norwegian)7123818061 (25 %)002000
17.NorwegianSami712389532 (13 %)000
18.NorwegianPolish7123820902 (29 %)000
19.NorwegianPortuguese7123817208 (24 %)000
20.NorwegianRomanian712389616 (13 %)000
21.NorwegianRussian7123817292 (24 %)00?
22.NorwegianSlovak7123813262 (19 %)000
23.NorwegianSwedish7123848890 (69 %)000
24.NorwegianTurkish7123812913 (18 %)000
25.NorwegianVietnamese712384968 (7 %)000

* According to their website - 31/08/2012
** According to DinSide: http://www.dinside.no/5275/clue-2000 - 09/20/1999 - Note: Not free!
*** According to OrdNett: http://www.ordnett.no/om - 31/08/2012 - Note: Not free!

Thanks to

DinOrdbok is put together by a number of different dictionaries, some of them under the Open license CC-BY-SA. We want to thank all who have contributed to make DinOrdbok more complete:

1. Norwegian-Sami Dictionary - By The University of Tromsø. (Work by Nils Jernsletten, Giellatekno at UiT, Divvun at the Norwegian Saami Parliament, and members of the language communities. Source code available at https://victorio.uit.no/langtech/trunk/.)